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  1. I was looking for a designer that would give the right commercial image for the book, but also something with strong appeal that would look as the type of novel you would expect to see from a major publisher and in a regular bookstore, I got it. We had a first attempt which I over influenced and it didn’t look right, I had a second option for my main image and gave Brandi more freedom and she delivered a really good cover, that I was particularly taken aback with. Having spent a lot of time and money to get a really polished book inners with Zabidarm, I’m pleased to say that the cover really gels the project. The pricing allows any indie publisher the opportunity to get the right look for what often may be more expensive elsewhere and the confidence that the copyright images are purchased and safe to publish. Based in the UK I have to say that doing business in the USA was a good experience and the payment method was quick and easy. Now you have no excuse for a poor cover!

  2. Brandi is a true artist! She is so professional, responsive, friendly, so easy and fun to work with, and patient. I would absolutely recommend her, as her price point is very reasonable for the high quality of work you will receive. She is able to execute a writer’s vision in the most remarkable way – I saw my book come to life before my eyes!

  3. I was undecided about my last cover concept when I sent it to Brandi. I sent her a hodgepodge of images and a short description of what I hoped to end up with, knowing in the back of my mind that she had an impossible task ahead of her. The next thing I knew, she had created not only a cover that told a story, but also, in my opinion, the best cover she’s ever done for me. And that is saying something, because the first three were awesome. I can’t say enough about the great work Brandi does.

  4. Brandi is a complete professional, with the ability to mold a few words and ideas into eye-catching visual concepts. She was also patient as I worked through several options she presented me, all with immense courtesy and a quick turnaround time. Having written a book on saving money, I can say without a doubt: you’re worth every penny!

  5. Brandi was supremely patient with my many changes and worked closely with me as we refined the book covers. She was always professional and prompt and did a great job creating eye-catching covers. Thanks Brandi. I look forward to working with you again.

  6. Well, she has done it again. Brandi impresses me more with each cover she does for me. She delivers prompt, professional service every time. And she doesn’t stop until the customer is completely satisfied with every detail. If there is a cover designer hall of fame, Brandi should be there. After three awesome covers, I will definitely be looking for her to do the cover for my next book.

  7. Brandi finished my cover in less than two weeks with only two revisions. After less than an hour of sharing with her my vision of the cover she produced something that far exceeded my expectations. I am now having her go to work on my next cover.

  8. I honestly can’t give Brandi enough praise. When I started searching for a graphic designer, I was overwhelmed. There are so many talented & creative cover art designers, I had an arduous time choosing one that would be ideal for me. Brandi’s portfolio, client reviews & prices is what initially stood out to me, but it wasn’t until we started working with one another when I realized I made the right decision. Her work ethic alone is top notch – coupled with her innate creative talent, patience, and attention to detail makes her absolutely special. There’s no doubt that I’ll be working with Brandi going forward. Simply put, she’s just awesome like that…

  9. Brandi is a cover designer extraordinaire. On the cover she just did for me, she took a handful of seemingly random images and turned them into a thing of artistic awesomeness. Her patience and professionalism are exceeded only by her prompt service. She will most definitely be doing my next cover..

  10. Brandi is a cover designer extraordinaire. On the cover she just did for me, she took a handful of seemingly random images and turned them into a thing of artistic awesomeness. Her patience and professionalism are exceeded only by her prompt service. She will most definitely be doing my next cover.

  11. Brandi is a very talented graphics designer. If you need an outstanding cover for your book, stop here. Here prices are reasonable, her work is timely and her performance is excellent. Thanks Brandi!

  12. Brandi did an amazing job turning my ideas into a cover that was perfect for my historical novel, Moonlight Helmsman. I posted her striking cover on my Facebook page and by the end of the day had racked up over a hundred ‘likes’ from the folks who saw it. Many asked for contact info on my designer. She listens, she creates, and she has the fastest turnaround in the business. All at a great price. I just hope Brandi doesn’t get so busy that she can’t do my next book!

  13. This was the first time I hired somebody to design an ebook cover. A lot of companies offered a couple of design concepts for a set price with very limited options. Brandi, on the other hand, worked with me until we found a concept I was totally happy with. She is very patient, professional, and the end product looks great! Thank you, Brandi! I look forward to working with you again in the future! —Jason

  14. Dimitri Iatrou

    Brandi is absolutely fantastic! Her professionalism, conceptualization, and creativity made my novel Damastor a reality. If you’re looking for someone to design your cover, you’ve found the BEST. She’s friendly, patient, funny and I cannot overstate her talent. You’ve made a client for life, Brandi!! Thank you so much!!

  15. Brandi McCann is a preeminent artist and designer. Her strong designs and striking compositions are beautifully balanced.

    Brandi skillfully created the prestigious cover for The Coincidence Zone. She is a true professional with a powerful commitment to quality and excellence. A+

  16. Brandi managed to deliver the perfect cover for my book, despite numerous changes and some indecision on my part. I am extremely pleased with her work, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an artist to produce a book cover. I will definitely be employing her services for my future books.

  17. Brandi distilled the spirit of my book and delivered a cover that was a visual ‘fiesta’: eye-catching, colorful, provocative and witty.

    And did I mention she was professional, reasonable, fair and fast too?

  18. Brandi was very professional and prompt. She is very talented and was able to design my cover within a day of knowing what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her services to other authors. I will definitely be conducting all future cover-related business with Brandi.

  19. Brandi handled the cover for The Jade Buddha. The process was speedy, professional, sympathetic to my needs, and also an enjoyable and painless experience. I will definitely consult Brandi in future and have no hesitation recommending her.

  20. Brandi has once again created the perfect cover. When I told her what my wife and I had in mind for “Hard Court,” my crime novel, she almost immediately came up with exactly what we wanted. In fact, her cover was much better than anything we’d imagined. Brandi appears to have a sixth sense about these things. Her ability to convert words into art is amazing. This is the third cover she’s designed for me, and it most definitely won’t be the last.

  21. Brandi has done it again! Not only can she conceptualize with great ease, but she’s incredibly easy to communicate with, super friendly, and best of all, the speediness of her work does not compromise the quality at all. I will be sure to use her again in the future.

  22. Sarah Lynn DeCuir

    November 6, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Fast, professional, fairly priced, and most importantly Brandi’s covers look amazing! I’ve gotten two covers from her so far, and I absolutely love them both!

  23. Hall of Fame sportswriter/author Mike Baldwin

    November 4, 2015 at 9:27 am

    I highly recommend ebook-coverdesigns.com creator Brandi Doane McCann. Brandi is talented, prompt and extremely easy to work with. I highly endorse her covers.

  24. Brandi is the best! Professional, fun to work with, easy going with all my ideas and very interested to make sure you are totally happy with the finished product! Our emails to each other were fun, and she understood what I wanted immediately.
    The finished cover is awesome, and no revisions were necessary. 🙂 She is my cover girl for life!!
    Thanks again, Brandi!!!

  25. After the long struggle of putting a book together, working with Brandi on my book cover was just great. She made the process very, very comfortable.
    She is easy going and highly skilled.
    Thanks much, Brandi.

  26. Brandi is everything that embodies the term: professional. She is great to work with, is patient, and she did all she could to help bring my idea to life. I am a client for life. No doubt about it. Brandi, you’re awesome! Thank you.

  27. Georgianne Wordlow

    April 1, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Oh, Brandi – you are a genius!! She just finished my cover for my Kindle book and I am so in love with it. She was a dream to work with, open to ideas and my vision and the finished product is utterly amazing! It totally reflects my vision and fits the story to a T. She is amazingly talented and I am definitely going to use her for my next book. Thanks so much, Brandi!!

  28. Oh Brandi! Absolute God send. My book cover is so amazing,it made me edit my book again so the content was worthy . I could not thank you or recommend you enough. I look forward to writing my next book and working with you again.
    She has a great personality as well which makes it fun and comfortable working with her.
    Thanks again Brandi

  29. Brandi's work is top notch. She has made four covers for four of my books and also an interior drawing for one of my short stories. She is professional and is very interested in helping design the cover that you need to showcase your work. I can not recommend a better person to design your next cover..

  30. Brandi’s work is top notch. She has made four covers for four of my books and also an interior drawing for one of my short stories. She is professional and is very interested in helping design the cover that you need to showcase your work. I can not recommend a better person to design your next cover.

  31. My first experience with Brandi (when she designed the cover for my book “The Backup Husband”) was so good, I couldn’t imagine our second collaboration being even better. Yet that’s exactly what happened when I contacted her about a cover for “Small Talk.” I told her I imagined block letters for the title, and my wife suggested a bright yellow background with a brown leather leash, perhaps wrapped around one of the letters in the title. Within twenty-four hours, Brandi sent me three possible covers, including one with a shadowy figure (my serial killer) lurking off to one side. The shadowy figure was her idea entirely, and Cynthia and I both looked at it and said, “Perfect!” As I told Brandi, she’d nailed it! I will definitely be using Brandi and her amazing talent again, and soon.

  32. Look no further. This is my advice to those who intend to design an ebook cover, based on my first hand experience. Brandi designed the cover for my book Journey to Nowhere: A Spiritual Comedy. Since this was first ebook, I was wondering whether Brandi would be able to create the kind of ebook cover which I had imagined. After working with her, I really marvel at her power of imagination, her professionalism, patience and responsiveness to the requirements of an author.

  33. This was my first experience in the eBook world, and Brandi made the whole cover image process a delight. I had very specific ideas about what I wanted in the cover for my book. I gave those ideas to Brandi, hoping that, at best, she might be able to come close to what I wanted, but only after several further exchanges of e-mails. Instead, her first attempt was almost exactly what I had in mind. I e-mailed her with a couple of minor revisions, and within a day, she came up with the perfect cover for me. I am truly impressed with Brandi’s professionalism, her talent and, especially, the easy way she has of communicating with people. I hope to be able to use her again and again. She was absolutely wonderful!

  34. AMAZING!!! Once again, Brandi did a fantastic job for me.

    In March I left a review for my first book cover and I said that I would definitely come back to Brandi with any other work I would need to have done. Once again Brandi did an AMAZING job.

    My cover needed to have a patch created for a military uniform. Before I came to Brandi I went to a company outside of a military base to see if they would be to create a cloth military patch so I could show Brandi, just in case she didn’t know what I would want. The company that specializes in military uniforms, sewing, tailoring, patches etc., said they didn’t think they could do what I wanted.

    Frustrated, I presented Brandi with what I had in my head and she got it right away!!!! I’m so thankful I came across Brandi when I needed to have my first cover done. WOW!!! I am truly impressed with her work, the ease of working with her and how friendly she is. My friends and family love what she did because it captures what I wanted.

    Thank you Brandi

    I don’t even need to say it, but my third cover and anything after that will always be brought to Brandi.

    Dave H
    Rapid City, SD

  35. Brandi was super easy to work with and does great work! Her turn around is amazing and she really gets what you want. I posted it to FB and immediately my followers praised it and said they LOVE IT! Thanks Brandi looking forward to working with you in the future.

  36. Brandi used her creative talents to do my Book series, Light into Exile. I am often told how great my the covers to my books are. Brandi is a pleasure to work with, prompt, and sensitive to those who need her abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She’ll be the artist I use from here on out!.

  37. Brandi used her creative talents to do my Book series, “Light into Exile”. I am often told how great my the covers to my books are. Brandi is a pleasure to work with, prompt, and sensitive to those who need her abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She’ll be the artist I use from here on out!

  38. I just saw the final copy for my eBook cover and literally jumped with joy!!

    Brandi really took the time to make sure we were on the same page and was extremely patient with me throughout the whole process. She really understood what I needed and freakin’ nailed it! I will definitely be using her services in the future. Thanks, Brandi!

  39. Brandi was awesome with my book cover! She was patient and gave suggestions and definitely has an eye for this. I will absolutely be using her again in the future!

  40. There is little I can add to Brandi’s accolades. They reflect my experience accurately. She had an uncanny ability to visualize what I was looking for and translate it into an image. I am thrilled with my book cover and feel blessed that I found her. She is simply the best! Thank you Brandi.

  41. Gaden Merritt Corpening

    June 7, 2014 at 6:47 am

    Brandi is the most professional, reliable, and creative person to work with. Her gift is truly remarkable and it is evident in her work. Her graphic designs are marked with power, simplicity, and she creates a design that tells a story. What a blessing to have come across such a talent!

  42. Sarah Lynn DeCuir

    April 30, 2014 at 9:47 am

    What a wonderful experience it was working with Brandi! I was blown away with her portfolio and even more so by the cover she made for me. She’s super nice and extremely talented. The work was done fast and professionally, and I couldn’t be more happy with what she created for me:)

  43. Elin Säfström

    April 5, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Working with Brandi McCann is pure pleasure. Not only is she extremely fast and responsive, but she will take any idea you have, no matter how sketchy, and make it into a concrete design that turns out to be exactly what you had in mind, only you didn’t know it. I couldn’t be more happy with the covers she created for me.

  44. William Mitchell

    March 29, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Supremely talented. Brandi has an intuitive gift that turned my rough ideas for a cover into something that completely surpassed my expectations. Working with her was a wonderful experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an artist to create their book cover. Thanks, Brandi.

  45. Brandi was just what my book needed. The cover was unique, professional and eye catching. She’s very prompt and understanding. Loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of an amazing book cover!

  46. Fantastic! Reliable! Reasonably priced! She listens, artistically creates, and professionally delivers an outstanding book cover! Excellent job! I can’t wait to work with Brandi again! Her work is perfect! Highly recommended!

  47. Brandi is enormously talented. In less than one week she delivered the most magnificent cover for my “Travels with Loa” series of books that I could ever imagine possible. I suggested a few things and a few photos and she brought it all together seemingly effortlessly. I guarantee you will not find better value for your money than you’ll get from Brandi McCann – place your order with confidence, she’ll deliver. Thank-you so much Brandi, authors love what you do, we need you. Michael Marlan.

  48. It has been a delight working with Brandi. She is both professional and approachable, and was able to set a newbie like me instantly at ease. I’m happy with process, product, promptness and price and would not hesitate to recommend her.

  49. Brandi really surprised me. AMAZING! She did a fantastic job for me.

    This was my first time getting a cover made and I was worried. I felt I gave her little instruction and still, she really captured what was in my head. I can’t get over how easy she was to work with. There were some minor little things I wanted to change afterward and she knocked those out in no time.

    I WILL definitely be coming back to her again, and I will refer people to her who have a need for her services. She made my day!!!

    Thanks Brandi

    Dave H
    Rapid City, SD

  50. Brandi was very easy to work with and the quality and timeliness were outstanding. I had some very specific ideas and together we came up with an eye-catching cover that I’m proud to have sit atop my novel. I’ll use her design services again unequivocally.

  51. Professional, diligent, creative, but most importantly, patient. Took my many ideas and changes on board and came up with a brilliant end product. I really can’t recommend Brandi enough. The cover design reflects everything I had hoped for. Thanks very much!

  52. Brandi listens and is very patient–two of the most important attributes I look for in a cover designer. She is my third designer (I’m sure you can guess why I no longer work with the first two) I plan to stay with Brandi. She’s also very good at her job and when you contact her she gets right back with you. Her covers are wonderful! Thanks Brandi!

  53. I never write reviews but I offered Brandi to write one for her because of her exceptional work ethics!!

    she is extremely creative, a fantastic listener and an amazing businesswoman!!

    she is kind and generous with her time and she creates exactly what you want.
    After taking months and years to write a book it all comes down to the cover, because it’s the first thing that people see and if it’s not good enough it will not interest them to see what’s inside!!

    I feel so lucky to have found Brandi, she delivered so quickly and such a beautiful cover for my book. I can never say enough about her and how good she is!! I highly recommend her.

    Thank you Brandi for a great job, I wish there were more people like you out there!!
    Zoe M
    Atlanta, GA

  54. Brandi was very professional. She did an amazing job and very patient with changing things, as I kept changing my mind.:) Will use her again and enjoyed working with her.

  55. Brandi McCann is amazing! She is responsive, highly creative and professional. I had my finished product on time and stellar. People are highly complimentary to my book cover. Great job, Brandi!

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